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Roulette Rules

As we have the most established casinos on our website, they also comprise of a variety of games, depending upon your interests. Roulette is one of them. The roulette is generally played with 8 players at the most and is played against the casino. The object of the game is the choice you make to place bets on a single number or range of numbers, colors being red or black or the number being even or odd. The table of our online casino roulette game has different set ups. It consists of French/ American wheels with 37-38 slots. The Roulette Rules consists of the player setting his chips on the layout and placing bets. The wheel is then spun counter clockwise.

The bets can also be made after the wheel has started spinning, but it cannot be done after the wheel has begun to slow down and the dealer announces the same. When the ball falls into any slot, the dealer announces the number and the color of the slot. According to the Roulette Rules the number 0 and 00 are not even or odd nor red or black, the only way to win is to place directs bets on them. The losing bets are collected by the house whereas the winning bets are paid to the winners.